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The flight from Jamaica to Venezuela took 2 hours and 36 minutes. The hotel I stayed at was the Gran Melia Caracas hotel. It features in/outdoor pool, free wifi and many more. During my stay in Venezuela there were a lot of fun things to do. I spent some time in Angel Falls. It was really beautiful. The falls seems to invoke a sense of mystery and adventure. Where its located I needed to endure long transit and a muggy hike to get pretty good pictures. Our tour guide told us stories like how it was discovered by the western world. The second place I went to was Morocco National Park. It has a wide range of environmental landscapes. The park is rich in biodiversity and beauty. The park is inhabited by numerous species of birds. There are tremendous reptiles I have never seen before like the green sea turtle, the hawks bill turtle, cordon turtle..... Next was Pico Bolivar.To get to Pico Bolivar I had to ride the Merida Cable Car which is the longest and the highest cable car in the world.Each station has different wonderful sceneries that will definitely amaze you.Exercising and getting enough training is needed so that you won’t get easily exhausted and you won’t have a hard time getting to the top. Pico Bolivar is elevated to almost five thousand meters above sea level so it is definitely cold and you will have difficulty when it comes to breathing. As much as possible, you need to have some knowledge on how to prepare yourself for hiking in high altitude areas.

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From Venezuela to Guyana took 1 hour and 33 min and my ticket was $220. I stayed in Herdmanston Lodge Hotel.It is a 6 minute walk from the beach. The room I stayed in had tropical hardwood floors. The food was pretty good, nothing I have ever tasted before and the rooms were really nice and felt like I was at home. For my first visit to Guyana I decided to go to Guyana's national museum located on North road. The Guyana National Museum in Georgetown has a collection of flora and fauna, precious stones found in our land formation, archaeological findings, and examples of Amerindian arts and crafts. Next trip was to Botanical Gardens and Zoo located in Georgetown. These gardens have a huge variety of tropical flowers and one of the finest collection of palms, as well as lovely lilies. An example of the gardens vast collection are the lotus and the immense Victoria Regia Lily, Guyana’s national flower. It has a variety of the world’s most awesome species of indigenous flora and fauna from the large and virgin rain forests of Guyana. I also went to the Walter Roth museum. It is a small museum with interesting Amerindian artifacts. There are some photos taken in the 1950s that are worth seeing to understand historical cultural aspects of different groups. The museum is also free which was surprising to me .Cultural and Social history is also displayed

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From Spain to Sweden the flight was 3 hours and 56 minutes and my ticket cost $415. I stayed at the Birger Jarl Hotel.It offers traditional Swedish cuisine and free Wi-Fi. Sweden has lots of great attractions like the vasa museum. The ship has unique art and treasure and is decorated with hundred of carved sculptures. Next was the royal palace. It is one of the largest places in Europe and has over 600 rooms.It contains the Armory, with royal costumes and armor, as well as coronation carriages. The city of Stockholm’ s art and culture center Kulturhuset Stadsteatern has live theater exhibition, restaurants, cafes….and is a popular hang out during the day. The Swedish history museum has Sweden's foremost gold and silver treasures, a gold room and medieval art and unique finds from one of the most violent Swedish battles in history. Next was the ABBA museum. This museum is dedicated to the biggest pop super groups from Sweden.The museum has everything related to the group – stage costumes, gear, memorabilia, and more. Once you enter the museum you lose yourself among the stage costumes and props of ABBA. You are able to view the concert footage, listen to the band’s interviews, and generally browse through memorabilia from the legendary band.The museum is interactive, so you can sing and dance to the popular ABBA numbers. Get into the special booth to wear digital costumes of the band members and dance and sing together with holograms of band members. Although I nevr heard of the group before it was very fascinating to see it. After was Skyview which is like an elevator with 2 pods on the outside of the building, that has a fantastic view of the city with open space all around.The best option is to travel up Skyview on a clear day so you can see for miles around you. A maximum of 16 people can fit into each pod of the Skyview.

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From Sweden to Greece the flight was 3 hours and 44 minutes and the cost of my ticket was $290. I stayed at the Pegasus Spa Hotel. Breakfast is included and free WiFi. Acropolis museum is a fascinating place to visit.For children they have a scavenger hunt, of sorts, to keep them entertained and informed. There is a reading room with tables, power, and books in Greek and English. The museum is large and full of light. It has so much to offer. Especially interesting was the glass floor through which you can view excavation of an ancient city on which the museum is built. They also have movies showing history of some of the items that are kept in the museum.A trip to Meteor offers the unique experience of nature

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The flight from Greece to India took 7 hours and 30 minutes and the cost was $1,082. I stayed at the FabHotel BMK Greater Kailash. It features a massage parlour. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.Services like breakfast buffet, luggage storage and newspapers are provided at the 24-hour front desk. The insides of TAj Mahal are no less stunningly beautified either. Rather, the neatly designed and richly carved interiors brilliantly compliment the entire structure. The floor of the Taj is paved in a geometrical pattern with cruciform shape. There are natural beautifull flowers and individual flowering plants of the pishtaq halls outside. The tiny details are stunning.There are all sorts of items you are not allowed to take into the Taj Mahal like books, cigarettes.... To really get a sense of the beauty of India consider a trip through Calcutta, or Kolkata, in the heart of West Bengali. Chennakesava Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is definitely one of the finest examples of excellence in architecture. Build in the 11th century by Vishnu Vardhan,it still stands tall perfectly fine.The temple walls are adorned with beautiful carvings of Gods and Goddesses. I also took a little trip to Tea Gardens. All the hills are covered with tea plantations and makes the place perfect for photo shoot. If you are are not a nature lover I suggest you visit this place because it opens up your mind to new things and it was like nothing Ive seen before.

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